White boxers are not caused by genetic birth defects. Just as human hair colour is the product of the combined genetics of the human parents, so too is the colour of a boxers coat a product of the genetics contributed by both the father and mother. The exclusively white coat is created when both the mother and father are carriers of the gene that makes up the white coat and the offspring inherits the white coat gene from both the father and the mother. In every way the puppy is the same as all of it's siblings, with all the energy, personality, and spirit that make them Boxers.

White Boxers are not albinos. Albinos completely lack pigment. This is evidenced by pink eyes, and a complete lack of colour anywhere on the body. Most white boxers have some spots on their skin (which can be seen due to their short white coats) and have some markings around their nose and mouth. Some white boxers have coloured markings in their coat (brown spots around an eye or on the back etc). All white boxers have pigment in their eyes, this alone rules out albinism as the cause of their whiteness.

It is a myth that all white boxers are deaf.

We have known some fabulous white boxers, who have been overlooked when it comes to adoption, for no reason other than their colour. Please do not let this put you off. These dogs are exactly the same as their red & brindle ancestors under their lovely white coats. A pet boxer can be ANY colour. ALL boxers including WHITE, make wonderful family pets. The colour of a boxers coat has nothing to do with the wonderful boxer personality we all love.

Polo - 1996 Max - 2007 12 Teela - 2008 03 Ice - 2008 06 Mayo - 2008 05

Charlie - 2009 02 Buster - 2009 10 Buddy - 2010 01 Hutch - 2010 09 Jobe - 2010 12

Bubbles - 2011 02 Roxy - 2011 05 Bella - 2011 09 Oscar Kayla - 2014 07

Archie - 2015 06 Jackson - 2016 03 Storm 2006 (2016 04 20)

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