Here at NIBRS we rehome a large number of boxers covering the entire age group. But one group in particular seems to get over looked due to their age, we are talking about our 'Golden Oldies', those boxers who are 7 years old and over.

The intention of this page is to show you that these boxers have SO much to offer in their own unique way. Please bear in mind how much work there is involved in owning a puppy or young boxer and that an older calmer boxer, might be better suited to your needs.

But please do not take our word for it, here are some of the personal stories from people who have rehomed our 'Golden Oldies'.



The first story is from Deborah who rehomed Ali in May 2008.


"Having two dogs, a cat and a tortoise I had absolutely no intention of extending our family. Barney, our Cocker spaniel has had epilepsy since he was 6 months so he and Milly were definitely enough of a handful for us.

Ali came into our lives by chance. My son and my future son-in-law found her outside our house in a dreadful state. She was dirty, full of fleas, had a large ugly tumour on her tail and worst of all she was terrified and confused.

We took her in and contacted Jacqui at the NI Boxer Rescue. I knew that she would be looked after and decided that I had done my bit. However I just couldn’t get her frightened face out of my head and I kept in contact with Jacqui and Liv the vet, to see how she was doing. Against my better judgment I then offered to foster her until a new home was found. Liv had told me she was possibly about 11 years old. Quite the old lady!

It only took Ali (as we named her) a few days to work her way into everyone’s heart. She is such a big, gentle character. She loves to go out with our other two dogs and for the first ten minutes she totally forgets that she is an elderly lady and bounces round excitedly in circles, leaping in the air.  She exhausts herself in no time and then is happy to potter along watching the others dogs running about. There is nothing she loves more than to sit beside me in a sunny spot in the garden and have her chin rubbed while she moans happily.

Someone has already done all the hard work with Ali. She is house-trained, obedient and quiet (except for the snoring!) and she is the most affectionate girl you could meet. If anyone talks to her they are met with a madly wagging tail and licking tongue! Ali asks for little in return for her love.

She is an easy-going, contented, old lady who just wants a little bit of comfort and peace in her final years. She is full of character and all our family soon fell in love with her funny little ways and her cute greying face. Within a couple of days we decided that we couldn’t bear to see her moving on again.

Whatever time Ali has left, she will have a home with us. I would definitely recommend giving an older dog a second chance. We may not have much time with Ali but whatever time we have we know she will give us loyalty, affection and a laugh. What more could you want?"

Ali and MikeAli - taking a nap
Ali and her new friend Barney

For more information about Ali, CLICK HERE

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The second story is from Olivia, our Vet, who rehomed Missy.


"Missy was left in a local park for 3 days, before I first met her.  She had her name written on her collar and all tags removed.  At that time she was around 10 years old and was obviously an "end of the line" breeding bitch.

I collected her from a local housing estate, scared, cold and hungry (it was in January).  She was in our practice kennels for no more than an hour, but was so stressed out and lonely, that I decided to foster her right then and there for "the weekend only".  This was on the Friday; by Monday I had fallen totally in love and was fortunate enough to be able to give her a forever home, with myself and the rest of my animal family.

Having never owned a boxer before, Missy was a wonderful introduction to the breed, a great companion, and loved equally by me, my entire family and all my other pets!

She was well mannered, loving, biddable and such a playful and affectionate dog.  She was a joy to be around.

Sadly I only had the joy of her presence for a short time, as she developed cancer, and I had to say goodbye much sooner than I had ever expected.

As upsetting as this was, it was comforting to feel that she had a loving home for the last few years, of her troubled life, and that I had given that to her.

She had, and always will have such a special place in my heart, and the rewards of knowing that I had given an old girl a new lease of life (for however short a time that may be), cannot even be expressed".

Missy on the sofaMissy sitting down on the beach
Missy with her Cat friendMissy on the beach

Olivia made a video, "to my wee Missy" CLICK HERE

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The third story is again from Olivia, who rehomed Sophie in October 2007.


"Sophie was brought into the vet clinic in October 2007 by our treasurer Christine and her husband Dave, in response to an urgent call to collect a 10 year old boxer bitch who had become an "inconvenience" to her family.

Shocking as that statement was in itself, nothing prepared us for Sophie. She weighed 49 kilos, had a severe skin infection coupled with an underlying endocrine condition, which had not been treated in excess of a year.  She had a large tumour hanging from her back leg, which weighed in excess of 500g.  She was completely hairless on her belly and legs, and a large patch on her rump (affectionately nicknamed baboon bum by my partner and I !!). her skin was greasy and black.  She was so overweight she could barely walk, and at most managed a shuffle.  She had infection between each toe, in her eyes and ears and basically looked like she had just given up.

As I had lost Missy during the summer months, I agreed there was space in our house for another old girl, with the intention of getting her into good enough condition to rehome.  Needless to say she weedled her way into my affections within a day and so now this is her home for good!!  Within a month she had lost 10 kilos, her infection was gone, her hair was starting to re-grow, and we were beginning to see her true personality.  A true boxer! so full of affection and gratitude.

Fast forward to now, May 2008, Sophie has reached her target weight, no longer just shuffles, but can run full pelt, all of her hair has grown back, and her tumour has been removed.  She is a real joy to watch as she plays with the other dogs, and even by herself if no one else is around; running, skipping, bouncing, just because she can.  At times I catch her eye and she stops briefly before resuming her fun, its almost like she is saying "thank you".  My partner Rob and I couldn’t imagine life without our funny girl.  She is best friends with our 3 other dogs, (in fact has even stamped out any squabbling that there was before her arrival) and is even beginning to enjoy the company of our 5 cats!!  

The rewards in taking on an older dog and returning them to a semblance of themselves are tenfold.  Not all dogs will be in such a terrible condition as Sophie or Missy were, but we must never forget that they all need as much love and care as we can give them. Just think... put yourselves in their position for just one minute.  You spend your entire life with one family, to know nothing else, and then BOOM you are on your own, scared miserable and lonely.

The lucky few find NI BOXER RESCUE, or we at rescue find them. Please, please consider an older boxer and give an old girl or boy, the love that should never have been taken away from them".

Sophie and friendFeeding TimeSophie

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Ali - 2008 05 Sophie - 2007 10 Missy Levi - 2005 02 Ali - 2008 05

Jack - 2009 08 Tyson - 2010 05 Winky - 2010 06 Tyrone - 2010 07 Polo - 2010 08

Jack - 2011 10

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