Hutch was an affectionate neutered white male dog who deserved a fresh start. He was 6 years old and due to a change in his owners circumstances he is looking for a forever home.

He was quite calm and placid and would fit into any new home. He liked all the love and attention he can get and certainly returned it.

Hutch had a minor ailment in his right eye which will continue to receive treatment by NIBRS.

Hutch could try to be dominant upon some other dogs. It would therefore be preferable that he was re-homed where he is the only dog.

He traveled well in a car and can sit to command. Additional training would be easy as he wished to please any prospective new owner.


UPDATE - 6 Nov 2011


UPDATE - 20 May 2012

We received an e-mail from Suzy:

"We initially fostered Hutch as he wasn't coping very well in kennels. Within a few days he had become a part of the family, making himself very much at home and it was clear he wouldn't be leaving again! Hutch is very playful and affectionate, but hasn't quite mastered the knack of giving back the toy when you play fetch with him! He loves to run around and play and loves company, but he enjoys his much deserved (and frequent) snooze on the sofa too.



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