We all work on a volunteer basis. We are not paid for the rescue work that we do and most of us are working other jobs as well. We work for rescue because of our love for the boxer breed. Between us, we have over 100 years of boxer experience and we are all boxer owners ourselves. We are the only boxer rescue in Northern Ireland and we do cover the whole area as required. We have a brilliant vet who helps us enormously and use a reputable boarding kennels for urgent cases.

Our staff are:

Founder Member - Jacqui Fyfe-Tanner.
Rescue Hon. Secretary - Barry Nelson.
Rescue Hon. Treasurer - .
Chairperson - Olivia Kennedy (BVetMed MRCVS) of Lurgan Veterinary Clinic

Other committee members - Andrea Cairns and Leesa Nelson.

We also have some brilliant volunteers who help us out when we need it.

Jacqui would like to thank Helen Newman, Darwin Duggan & Adrian Hughes.

We aim to help any boxer in need of a new home, trying our hardest to match the new home and owners with a suitable dog for their lifestyle.

All dogs being rehomed are required to be neutered and vaccinated as a condition of adoption and we do enforce this carefully. Anyone wishing to re home a boxer from us will be thoroughly home checked, and decisions regarding rehoming, will be made by our committee.

We are not for profit, and any funds that we receive go directly into rescue and the boxers that we care for.

We follow up every dog that we re home. They are visited by us after 6-8 weeks in their new home and we keep in contact for the rest of the boxers life. We will work with the boxers new owners to provide them with as much or as little support as they may need when they bring their new boxer home.