Buster was a 1 1/2 yr old male who was neutered and due to a change in family circumstances, was looking for a loving home in 2009.

He was good with other dogs and children and would make a lovely family pet.


Buster has been given his forever home with Cheryl, Thomas and daughter Abi. We would like to thank them for giving him his new home.

UPDATE - 3 May 2012

We received an e-mail from Cheryl, with an update about Buster:


"This is Buster and he is now 4 years old, me and my family rescued him in April 2010 at the age of 2. Buster has became my best friend and i could not be without him, he also get's along very well with my daughters and love's to join in on the fun.

He did give us terrible bother at the start by chewing everything he could get his jaw's around like my brand new sofa and garden fence but with lot's of love, attention and training he stopped in no time.

He loves to travel in the car and go to the beach and he get's really excited when he see's the water.

I am so glad that we gave Buster that forever home.

Thomas, Cheryl, Abi & Bethany"

UPDATE - 20 Jun 2014

We received an e-mail from Cheryl, with a sad update about Buster:


"Just would like to thank you all for letting us rescue the perfect dog, Buster was such a big part of our lives.

Sadly today we had to get Buster put to sleep at the age of 5 due to lymphoma cancer and other serious health issues, we are completely heart broken and would have loved to have more years with him.

He will never be forgotten as he was such a dote.

He's running pain free now.

Love Thomas, Cheryl, Abi & Bethany".

Buster has been added to the Rainbow Bridge page.

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