Ice came into rescue in May 2008, at the tender age of 8 weeks old. He was initially fostered by Jacqui, before Shirley and her family offered to foster him until his forever home was found.

We knew that finding Ice a loving home might not be that easy because of his deafness. Shirley did a wonderful job in looking after Ice; all at NIBRS thank her for doing so.

He has now gone to live in Dorset with Craig, Ruth their 6 year old daughter Leah May. He also has a companion in boxer form, a lovely girl called Millie.

Ice is settling in well and up to his usual tricks, hiding Ruth’s keys this morning, resulting in a 45 minute search to find them!

We would like to thank every one who has helped with Ice and the Johnson’s for providing him his forever home.


UPDATE - 7 Jul 2008

Here are some pictures of Ice with his new family and their other Boxer Millie.

Ice and Millie on the sofaIce enjoying a cuddle
Ice being tickledIce and Millie

UPDATE - 15 Jul 2008

From Craig

"Hi Jacqui,
How you keeping? Just a quick update on Ice, its almost like he has always been here him and Millie are best friends already! Hes been to a Castle exploring and round a Lake with some woods next to it. I have taken him to work on a few occasions where he had a ride in a big digger and absolutely loved it (Very waggy Tail). We also let him off the lead this evening for the first time with Millie and was a very good boy. We have started using hand signals with him and Millie is helping out. She taps him on the bum to get him to sit when we have a treat ready for them. We can now get him to sit and give Paw. I think that is amazing progress in a week. He also went to our Vets on Friday and had his jabs and they fell in love with him but more importantly he was given a clean bill of health, the Vets have now given us a designated Vet for the Dogs so im really pleased with that.
Have a look at the pics and will speak again soon."

In the ruins of the castleAnd everything stops for tea
Play timeThe family at the end of the day

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