UPDATE - 7 Dec 2008

Jacqui and Olivia received an e-mail from Deborah:

"Ali would like to wish you both a happy Christmas. She is doing really well at the moment. She loves her twice daily walks now and once a week she goes out with a dogwalker too. She also loves snuggling up to people on the sofa and licking their ear! She is a very contented and funny girl although she always looks miserable in photos!! Not sure if she won or lost the tug-of-war with jet and the tinsel! Hope you both have a good Christmas. Thought I would get in early before things get hectic."

AliAli with tinsel

UPDATE - 15 Jan 2009

Jacqui received an e-mail from Deborah:

"Hi Jacqui,
Ali might be a calendar girl but don't think I am!
MY daughter sneaked this photo of Ali and I recovering from a busy Christmas!

Ali and Deorah recovering from Christmas

UPDATE - 8 Feb 2009

New pictures from Deborah:

Happiness is a romp in the snow then a nice comfy snooze!!!

Ali in the snowAli and friend
Ali in the snowAt the end of a long day

UPDATE - 31 Jul 2009

Ali is now enjoying life with a puppy to play with, showing no signs of her age and with all the patience that we would expect from a boxer foster mum!!

Finn and Ali outsideFinn and Ali all snuggled up

UPDATE - 25 Nov 2010

We received this e-mail from Deborah


Sadly we had to make the decision to let Ali go today (25/11/2010). For the last few weeks the funny, stubborn girl we loved has been deteriorating into a confused, stumbling old girl who had to have her food and water brought to her sofa. This week she hasn’t even been able to get off the sofa to soil.

Ali was abandoned close to our home two and a half years ago. After contacting NI Boxer Rescue about her we decided to give her a home for the rest of her days. When we found her she was elderly, flea-ridden, had mast cell tumours and was terrified. Jacquie and Liv sorted out her early health issues and Ali came into our home and our lives.

We already had two dogs when she came and she fitted in really well with them. When Barney died and Finn the Newfie pup arrived Ali had a new lease of life! She adored Finn and adopted him as her puppy. Up until about two months ago Ali was still coming for twice daily walks in the fields and romping around with Finn. She was a real character! She was such a good girl, which was lucky, as when she did decide to do her own thing she was as stubborn as a mule!

Ali was a much loved member of our family. Today my husband and I took her to the vet for the final time. Ali passed away quietly and without any stress. She died in my arms being cuddled and loved right to her last breath. We were very privileged to have her in our lives for even such a short time. Run free my beautiful girl!


Ali surrounded by flowersAli and Finn
Ali and Finn

You can read more about Ali on Page 1 and on our Golden Oldies page


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