Rosie is one of the few puppies that come into rescue (we would like to point out that Rosie is a senior now).

Rosie has grown up with Helen, who has loved her from day one. She now shares her life with two other Boxers as well as Helens family.

This is Helens story when Jacqui asked if NIBRS could have a recent photo (May 2008) of Rosie for this page:

"Oh yes I remember very clearly when we got her.  Just after Christmas, December 1999.  When you brought her down, you had some of your own dogs in the back of the car.  Richard put her into my father's arms and ever since that day, she has been my fathers "little love".  He keeps telling us that his "little love" is the best girl in the house!  Mum and dad will be thrilled.   Rosie is snoring very loudly at the moment but when she wakens I will tell her.  She does listen and quite often will talk back.  Very wise girl".

NOTE - Place and hold your Mouse pointer over each picture, to read the pop up caption box.

Rosie - as a PuppyRosie - mmmmmmmm resting
Rosie - still restingRosie - ok mum i'm ready to move again!

UPDATE - 5 Jan 2009

A video of Rosie and friends has been added to One True Media - CLICK HERE

UPDATE - 12 Feb 2009

Rosie hasn't been well this week and all her friends at NIBRS who know and love her wish her well. She couldn't be more loved or in better hands to nurse her back to full health.

UPDATE - 13 Apr 2009

A new picture of Rosie from Helen.

Rosie in the sunshine

UPDATE - 21 Mar 2010

A recent photograph of Rosie with her friend Harvey.

Rosie with Harvey

UPDATE - 16 Jun 2010

NIBRS is sad to announce that Rosie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

From Helen:

"Rosie fought for so long and so hard to stay with us, until she just couldn't fight any longer. I am heart broken If I could have loved her better she would still be here".

UPDATE - 1 Jul 2010

A tribute from Helen about her Rosie:

"Some days are better than others, yesterday was a bad one as is today.

Before I left for work I went to the dog box, as always do to get the biscuits (they get one as I'm leaving for work), opened my hand at the door & 3 biscuits lay in my palm :(

On the way to work, a favourite song came on, picture of our Rosie came to mind & next I knew my eyes were brimming over. Just so hard to be without her.

Rosie came to us from NIBR when I was inconsolable at losing my other dogs, a little pup rejected by her first owners, too thin, cheeky but unsure & after rejection, scared to give her heart to someone else. Early puppy days that passed so quickly.

When she realised we wanted her forever she blossomed out into a beautiful red Rosie girl. In those early days we went everywhere together, did everything together. Long walks in country areas, on the beach, she loved nothing more than wadding chest deep in the sea, "Rosie bliss". Dragging heavy seaweed to take back home in the car, her "prize" for a special trip

When Katie came she wasn't sure at first of another female dog in the house but soon came round, teaching, sharing & playing with her. Protecting Katie. A memorable occasion when a loose dog stalked her pup, she had always been wary of this dog herself, but that day she got in front of Katie, squared herself up & gave a look that said, "you dare & you'll regret it" Typical of bullies, when confronted the other dog retreated.

When Harvey came they were like soul mates, he was her shadow, his "comfort/snuggle up to" mum. Katie was/is his rough & tumble chum. Rosie & Harvey lay head to head, when tiny he lay between her paws. Her life was complete.

She always had a special affinity with my dad & when he died earlier this year she was so sad. She lay outside his room, constantly looking, listening & watching for days and weeks on end.

She had fought back so many times as her health was poor, she was determined not to leave us. Time and again, she amazed us & vets alike. Towards the end she got so frail & tired, she wanted to stay but no longer had the strength.

That last day she was happy to get into the car with help. Happy to be out with her people family, that made it harder knowing she probably wouldn't be back. As it was the vet who made the decision & I knew it was right. Our precious girl had no quality of life, she was in pain, tired, frail & could fight no longer.

She was quietly sedated while I stayed stroking her. We were discreetly left alone. As she fell deeper & deeper into sleep her ears twitched at a barking dog outside, then sedation took over. It was so peaceful when the vet came back in to help Rosie begin her new life free from pain & to join her dad again.

I like to think dad was there to meet her as she passed over.

I miss you so much each day my special red Rose. Heaven must be so blessed to have you there.

Love you always xx

Helen, Katie & Harvey xx"