In 2010, Polo was a lively elderly Gentlemen who was in desperate need of a new home to see out his retirement with grace.

Even though he is about 13 years old, Polo was still quite active and loved to run free in open spaces. He also walked very well to heel on the lead and liked to travel in the car. Polo is currently in one of our foster homes where he spends time with other dogs and has befriended a fox cub.

Prior to arriving with NIBRS it was unfortunate that Polo didn't receive the attention that he deserved and spent a lot of time living outside by himself. However he loves company and would appreciate TLC preferably on a one to one basis.

It cannot go unnoticed that Polo had a few lumps and bumps in the photos shown here. These undergwent veterinary attention and seemed to be aggravated skin tags.


Polo is enjoying his retirement with Liv, Rob and Gang.

UPDATE - 21 Nov 2010



Polo died peacefully at home surrounded by those who loved him. Rob and Olivia had given Polo true love and happiness in the last years of his life and all at NIBRS thank them for it.