Tyson was a gentle and affectionate 8 year old dog who needed to be rehomed with regret in 2010, due to a change in his family circumstances.

Tyson was very much adored but his owner could no longer give him the attention, company and comfort he had been used to.

He is fully house trained, walks to heel and responds obediently to sit and paw commands. He will make a very loyal friend to anyone who can afford him some time and attention.

Tyson would benefit most from being part of a one dog family or just being someone’s best buddy.


Tyson found his forever home near the coast with Jonny and is enjoying long walks on the beach and in the countryside. Jonny's Gran has also become a big fan of Tyson and vice versa so he has constant company.

A big thank-you to Jonny from all at NIBRS for giving Tyson his forever home.

Update - 9 Jun 2010

New pictures.

Tyson at Dinner TimeTyson at the FarmTyson at the ParkTyson with Granny


Unfortunately Tyson was put to sleep late in 2011 following a severe leg infection much to the upset of Jonny who had rehomed him and given him an happy active life on a farm close to the coast.

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