Jack was 9 years old, in good health, fit and loved life.

His owner was leaving Northern Ireland in 2009 and sadly could not take Jack with him. He was devastated at having to leave Jack behind.

Jack was good with kids, had no known vices, and was a very happy and loveable gentleman. He loved stretching out on a sofa for a snooze, also loved playing ball in the garden.

Jack on the sofaJack asking for moreJack - side view

Jack has happily settled into his foster home with Kristi and Neal. We all thank them for looking after Jack for us.

UPDATE - 12 Sep 2009

Darwin received an e-mail from Kristi:

"Hi Darwin,

Just a few photos of Jack for you. He's settling in very well. He's super fond of Neal so that's good. He runs around in the garden quite a bit during the day and by the evening it seems like his back leg bothers him a bit. It's not too bad, probably normal for his age.

We took him in for his next set of boosters and got another vial of eye medicine for him, and it seems to have cleared up. He was having some issues when we leave him in the house (chewing the door, etc.) but he's getting better once we let him have access to the couch (his favorite spot).

He really is a fantastic dog, very loving and playful. :) "


UPDATE - 24 Nov 2009

NIBRS received an e-mail from Kristi:

"Hi there,

My name is Kristi and we are currently fostering Jack and were wondering if there was still space in the calendar.  We have quite a few photos of him :)