Lewis came to us as a result of a change in his owners working hours in 2007.

He was a very handsome big boy, who just loved attention. He settled into his new home great and swapped his new bed for the sofa. His new owners knew for a long time that they wanted a boxer, but they had to wait until the time was right. Lewis came along at the perfect time.

Lewis had lived with cats before, so we knew he would be fine with his new owner’s cat, however the poor cat has had a lot of adjusting to do. She is getting quite attached to him.


UPDATE - 30 Apr 2013

We received an e-mail from Kristen (Lewis has been renamed Lewi).

"We adopted Lewi in Oct 2007; he's the love of our lives! Life's never boring with a boxer; I've lived with many other breeds but none like a boxer! Was just reading NIBRS site and thought we should provide an update after all this time.

Lewi was starved, had mange, and was kept outside before we got him when he was 2 years 6 mths. He's 8 now, loves to make friends and is just such a gorgeous dog, always full of fun, but loves his sleeps and hates rain (or being alone, though he can cope for about 4 hrs). We'll always thank NIBRS for allowing us to adopt him.

Many thanks, Derek and Kirsten."


UPDATE - 26 Aug 2013

We received an e-mail from Kirsten:


Just to say our beautiful boy Lewi went to sleep after several serious health problems, on 30th May. He changed our lives and we'll never forget him.

He went peacefully and in my arms. We're just devastated. We'll always love you Lewi, sleep tight my bubby love kirsten and derek xxx