Lexus came into rescue at Christmas 2005. She had been kept in terrible conditions and was very underweight. She had a skin problem and had some old injuries from being hit by a car.

She spent Christmas in our kennels and was in her new home by New Year. She settled in quickly and they love her loads. Her new owners say that she is very playful and such a happy dog. They feel privileged to be allowed to share her life with her.


Lexus - Before


Lexus - AfterLexus - After

RAINBOW BRIDGE - Easter Sunday 2018

We received an e-mail from Michelle saying Lexus had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge:

"Hiya just a wee bit on Lexus who sadly passed on Easter Sunday 2018

I got Lexus just literally after Christmas. When I went out to see her, Lexus was walked down to me hyper she was literally walking on her 2 back legs she was that excited (I knew then she was coming home with me) she wasn't gr8 on the lead and the guy said to me take her a walk and see how u feel about her.  I said there and then I was taking her home, she was jumping up constantly at me, bouncing with energy lol.

Lexus was under 9 months old extremely underweight, bad skin and lots of scars due to being mistreated and being knocked down by a car. I had got her a Christmas selection box and a squeaky toy. It was plain to see that she had never had a toy because she never put it down and she kept squeaking it for months lol.

I had 14yrs with Lexus and they were amazing.  She carried on being like a big pup to the very end which was very quick with no signs at all that she was passing she was an old girl but a big pup inside and she waited until she was at her favourite place (at the caravan) to go.  I struggled very hard and still upset that she is no longer with me.
People have said to me look at the life u gave her, u saved her but u not know wot LEXUS saved Me!! She came into my life at the right time.

Rest Easy My Girl"