Levi was rehomed with Gill Knox in February 2005, aged 8 years old.

Levi was in a loving home, but through a change in her owners circumstances had to be rehomed.

UPDATE - 22 August 2008

Mary spoke with Gill and asked her if she could write something about her time with Levi.

"Levi is an entirely different Boxer from Niamh. Independent and very affectionate particularly when I am sitting with a piece of cake on a plate.

She came to me at eight years of age and is a very dark brindle, almost black. She had been very well trained and lived for long walks in the Park, always carrying a ball in her mouth. She crouched like a sheep dog when you threw the ball but positively refused to bring it back savouring the moment of getting one over on me!

Levi adores the water and is a brilliant swimmer. The first time I brought her to the sea, I totally panicked as I thought she was going to swim to Scotland. If things don't go her way she sulks, climbs up on the armchair and turns her back very deliberately and that could last for hours. She loves men and drives in the car. She is now eleven and still races down the field like a whippet. Thankfully she is very healthy and I pray she will have several years yet. She is very special and I love her to bits. She adores Alwyn my partner and if he goes to the door without her and thinks he is going for a walk she is not too pleased.

I would like to thank Mary and all at Boxer Rescue for giving me the opportunity to re home these precious dogs".