When Jacqui & Richard went to collect Lanza in 2002, they where horrified at the state of the poor boy, not only was he very under weight, with ear mites etc but he was clearly unwell.

The vet took x-rays etc and we where told that he had a chronic repertory infection. But as one of his nostrils was so small, it was making his breathing very difficult. Our vet reckoned that is boy had been suffering and we where lucky to have got him into rescue in time. He stayed with Richard & Jacqui while being nursed back to health.

Kate & her family offered Lanza his forever home, even taking him to Australia with them when they emigrated. Lanza is sadly passd away on 13 Nov 2006 but this boy was so loved and cared for.

All at NIBRS thank Kate and her family for loving Lanza.

Lanza - in the sun in Australia