George, Debbie and their son Craig offered Monty his forever home in September 1998.

He very quickly settled into his new home and the hearts of his new family who loved him dearly until he sadly passed away in July 2008.

Below are the Spence’s families own words on how Monty made a difference to their lives.

"We only have the one son Craig who loved him with all his heart.  Monty loved to gallop, his favourite thing to do in the forest parks was to pull twelve foot branches of trees and carry them with him. Danger to others but very funny!  He also loved car tyres & when in the park, when the children would be collecting for bon fires, he used to steal one and throw it over his neck and run around the park.  He also loved going to the caravan, he always knew when we were packing and sat in patience just waiting to go galloping along the beach and playing with logs or a ball. He was brilliant, fun loving, caring, and protective and just one of our family".

Craig & MontyMonty in the snowMonty

All at NIBRS know that Monty had a great life filled with love and happiness with George, Debbie and Craig and are very thankful for the home they provided for him. We wish them well with Tyson, their new boxer puppy and hope that they can enjoy many happy years with him.

Personal note from Jacqui, " I know you will have many happy years with Tyson and I wish you all the best with him".