The Northern Ireland Boxer Rescue Society was formed on 12th October 1996 by a group of concerned boxer owners and breeders who were worried about the large number of boxer puppies being bred by back street breeders and puppy farmers (mills) with no thought or concern for the puppies they produced.

Our aim is to help the welfare of the Boxer Breed - specifically those that through no fault of their own become homeless, whether this occurs due to a change in the owners circumstances or because they have been callously abused or abandoned.

We compile and maintain a list of people who are prepared to take on a rescue dog and provide a secure and loving home for the rest of the boxers life.

All the people on our list have been "home checked" and approved by our committee members who complete a detailed questionnaire to help us select the right home for a particular dog.


There have been occasions where owners have rehomed their boxer without using the official NIBRS channels and have relied on people saying that they have been "home checked" by NIBRS.

Please be aware that not everyone passes a home check by us and a promise made to you by the new owner as regards spaying etc, may not actually happen.

If you decide to rehome your boxer outside of the NIBRS, then we CANNOT be held responsible or accountable for any future repercussions that may arise.


As with all rescue organisations, we depend on donations through car boot sales, raffle tickets and the like, to help us meet the ongoing kennel and veterinary fees.

Please remember, no donation is ever too small.


You can now support NIBRS by a monthly standing order through your Bank/Building Society.

From as little as £3 per month, you really can make a BIG difference to a boxer’s life.


To download a Standing Order Mandate form CLICK HERE.


NOTE - Please print off the form, complete it, and send to YOUR BANK/BUILDING SOCIETY for the monthly standing order to be set up.


If you would like more details, please e-mail us at with a subject header of NIBRS SUPPORTER



Everyone at NIBRS would like to thank you, yes you, for without your support as in donations and giving our rescues their loving forever homes, we could not continue to do what we do.





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